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Zina has always been an artist. Born and raised in Southern California, growing up Zina expressed herself through multiple mediums -- drawing, painting, photography, and videography. Pulling inspiration from the relationships and landscapes surrounding her.


She was awarded an academic scholarship to San Diego State University, where she studied Communications and Graphic Design. 

After years of assisting the top photographers in the luxury wedding industry. Zina found herself craving more creative freedom and began her own career as a wedding and editorial photographer.

Zina specializes in elevated and intimate imagery, storytelling, and posing. Together with her hand-selected and dedicated team, Zina has traveled around the world to capture

photographs that encapsulate all of your passionate, blissful, spontaneous, and hidden moments. Allowing you to relive the best day of your life, every day.

Determined to perfect my craft for the last 4 years I’ve developed a magical ability to balance art with real life.


Elevated and editorial fashion photography has always inspired me and has helped form the way I approach my shoots. I love to help brands tell their story in a way that leads to growth and success.


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